6 Jan: Ruts and getting out

I needed a TB test for volunteering, so I picked a random CVS Minute Clinic.  I got there 15 minutes before the system stopped taking patients, but since the last patient was quick and I only needed a TB test, he slipped me in.

Turns out the CVS I picked is in the same shopping center as Native Foods, so that was dinner solved.  I got the Chicken Run Ranch (I think the secret to making soy delicious is texture, like a crispy breading on the “chicken,” but the tangy ranch helps too) with a free side of steamed kale.

Also turns out there was a Sprouts, and I needed to get vegetables for the bunny.  Now I could just hit up the Sprouts I usually go to since both drives are the same, and my local store might even be faster since I (finally) figured out where everything is.  But I decided to see what this location had to offer.  And what I found was the spicy yellow lentil hummus I’ve been searching for for months at my local place.

tl;dr it’s good to break habits and see what you’ve been missing.


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