17 Sept: Resistance is futile

So the bad news is that Spymaster, a game I’ve been anticipating for over a year (manage your own resistance cell in occupied France!), sucks.  As in soft launch sucks.  It’s F2P, but not Supercell’s F2P, where it’s possible to have fun without paying, but F2P that’s crippled unless you make regular payments.  Apparently the “play” is missing from the free-to-play.

The good news is now seems like a good time for someone to make a game about the French resistance.

I had the idea that, for my quidditch game, on your turn you play cards as actions, and on your opponent’s turn you play cards for currency to buy better cards.  There might be some interesting trade-off of deciding which role to save each card for.  Then I realized the distinction between playing on your turn and opponent’s turn was moot since effectively the sequence of play would be:

  1. Buy cards.  Possibly refill hand.
  2. Play cards.
  3. Usual end of turn clean up.

all on your turn.  Oh well.


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