30 Aug – 1 Sept: Three day weekend

While it is nominally Labor Day weekend, I did do some work, mainly because students find Labor Day weekend the perfect time to catch up on assignments and, when they get stuck, to ask questions.  Lots of questions about sticks & stones in counting and file i/o in Python.

On Saturday, I made dark chocolate coconut macaroons because I was in a chocolate mood.  I’ve been popping one of these every few hours.  I reduced the sugar a smidge but maybe put too much coconut as it’s not really brownie levels of chocolate like I was hoping.

The rest of the weekend was lots of small things related to moving in: turn in keys to my old place; play mortgage and HOA dues; place another Amazon order, including a shower caddy and stuff to go in it; sort through stuff on the bedroom floor so the roomba can vacuum; create a home maintenance calendar… that I’ll start next week.

I tried DDP Yoga for the first time.  It’s a mix of yoga and dynamic tension.  I did work up a sweat, and my heart rate is higher than normal yoga.  We’ll see how it works long term.


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