23-26 Aug: Retrograde

Nothing of great interest happened today (I baked some chicken), so let’s go back to this weekend.

23-24 August: This weekend was the first time I felt like I was home.  All the boxes had been put away, so my roomba could get to work.  Clean living room, clean kitchen.  I used my dishwasher and washer and dryer for the first time.  Everything so clean, and I didn’t lift a finger.

I used the daylight to explore restaurants in University Heights and Hillcrest.  I started clearing out my recipe backlog by making blueberry crumb cake. (Anything with streusel get a plus in my book. I used extra blueberries, and it was delicious. Maybe cut back the sugar a smidge. People at work raved about it.)  I played Civ V, sorted through my papers, found Arendse’s letter (she’s during Danish subtitles for TED talks on YouTube!), and wrote her back.

26 August: My condo has internet! I feel like a whole person again. I can finally do internet things… like email Erica not during work hours (she got the lecturer position!). Someone at work got a new puppy, so I gave her my baby/pet door, the one with gaps too wide to keep bunnies out. Luyi gave me a going away present: snacks for Bunbury and me.

Oh, one idea did come to me today.  What if my Narbonic card game was a deck builder? But not with all cards available, like in Dominion, but in a rotating marketplace.  And with more permanent / semi-permanent cards, like Star Realms, so there’s still some tableau mechanic going on.


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