4 Feb: Normal Heights

I hear that the strip of SD from Hillcrest to about Kensington is the trendy place to be, if I ignore downtown and the coast for price and distance reasons.  So this is my chronicle of exploring local restaurants after work.

Today is Zia Gourmet Pizza on the west side of Normal Heights along Adams Avenue.

– Parking is tough. Note to self: need guaranteed parking.
– $6 for 2 spices of pizza.  Good pizza though.  Reminds me of Cheeseboard.  I leave the shop a little hungry, thinking I might make a half portion of noodles when I get home, but I think otherwise when I get back.
– I left the office pretty late, so there aren’t a while lot of people around or shops open.  There are a couple of coffeeshops doing good business and a couple liquor stores.


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