29 Dec – 2 Jan

29 Dec: My brother’s family and I went to Legoland. Besides the many Lego sculptures, Legoland is pretty much like any other amusement park aimed at kids: popular rides have long lines and food is marked up. The good news is that amusement park rides for kids puts them in my tolerance zone. Neither my brother nor my sister-in-law relished going on rollercoasters, so I accompanied my nieces in their stead. The things we do for people we love… Altogether, I went on 2 rollercoasters a total of 3 times. One of them felt like it was made for people with a lower center of gravity as I felt it was trying to throw me from the car. The best part is that it wasn’t even my nieces’ favorite ride that day; they enjoyed the one where you pull yourself up by a rope (mechanically assisted) then fall when you let go. Ah well. Took lots of pictures of Lego sculptures. Still thinking whether or not to start getting into Mobile Frame Zero.

30 Dec: Today we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It’s a huge institution dedicated to conservation and breeding endangered animals, and the recent announcement of the extinction of western black rhinos was brought up. Humans can be real dicks sometimes. We wandered around seeing various exhibits. We watched a honeybadger tear into some boxes. A lorikeet landed on Melanie’s head. Around dusk, we saw some wild rabbits. Sushi for dinner.

31 Dec: Today’s agenda was the Museum of Making Music (which is run by the national association of music retailers) which had lots of instruments to play. I still suck at uke, but they had (out of tune) kalimbas in the store. Tempted. After that, we hit an outlet mall enroute to the La Jolla beach with sea lions. There must have been a delay on the TV signal because we missed the NYC ball drop. My brother’s family had to take an early night to get their early flight.

1 Dec: Oh my word, the new Sherlock episode is wall-to-wall fanservice. The case and the deductions were more of a footnote while all the character development was going on. I’m hoping it pays off later in the season.

2 Dec: Back to werk. But I left a bit early to go to the Santee Drive-In for the first time to see Frozen. Idina Menzel as a young blonde, really? Good animation, and there was one nice twist, but I thought the romance was handwaved and the denouement a bit too pat.