28 Oct – 1 Nov

Following up from my last post, the genetic algorithm I wrote needed considerable tweaking.  We added constraints and tweaked the parameters of the fitness function and the inputs to the system.  It was interesting how the schedule was robust to some changes and not to others.  I think what we learned was that the algorithm effectively acts like a 4th-person throwing out suggestions, and arguing with it why it’s wrong crystallized aspects of the scheduling problem.  We’ll see if it works in the summer.

The cajun chicken pasta was so good, I made it again, except with more cajun seasoning (which I apparently can mix from spices already on my shelf, except thyme).  Then I looked at how much fat heavy whipping cream has.  *sigh*  Okay, from now on, if I want a thick creamy sauce, I’m using dairy and corn starch.  Apparently there’s such thing as fat free half and half, which sounds like a contradiction.

The chocolate pudding was very good, maybe a touch too sweet.  Also, my puddings keep thinning, and I’m not sure why.

Halloween night, I played Costume Quest.  It was amusing, but I stopped when my fingers started to ache; it’s clear that the controls were ported from a console.

On Friday, I volunteered for the first time at Innovations Academy.  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with classroom management in my own teaching.  The club is fairly unstructured.  But I did learn Ruby on the fly and got a high five from a kid for helping him with a program.

After much debate, I decided what game to add to my order to free shipping.  I’ve been waiting for Firefly and The Witches: A Discworld Game for a long time.  I debated getting an adventure game, one that I could play with people or solo since it’s hard to get people together.  I was leaning toward Pathfinder Adventure Card Game or Mice and Mystics, but then I saw Escape: The Curse of the Temple.  Since it plays in 10 minutes, I may be able to get people to do a pickup game after lunch.  $30+ seems a little high for what’s in the box though.


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