I dreamed last night…

… I got on a boat to heaven.  No, not really.  I don’t remember my dreams that often, so here’s the one I remember from last night.

So first off, my family (at least my mother) and I were going on a trip.  A cruise.  And it was the night we left to drive to the dock.  But wait, who was going to feed the bunnies?  I hadn’t arranged for someone to take care of them.  There was also something else that needed to be taken care of before we left.

I was frantic for any way out.  Could I find someone at this hour and then arrive at the dock late?  Maybe there was some shuttle service for people who missed the boat (yeah right).  Maybe I just shouldn’t go.

I was also trying to pin the blame on others for not giving me warning, and I wrote on the whiteboard a note to myself.  But looking at the dream in cool light of three hours past dawn, if I didn’t remember to find a bunnysitter, that’s my own dashed fault.

I think the bunny sitter crisis is a stand-in for the current panicky state the teaching assistant scheduling is in.  I have no idea what the cruise represents.


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