13-14 Oct

13 Oct: Sunday I played more Civ5: BNW.  2 civs, Duel-sized map.  The other civ, whoever it is, is really annoying about poaching wonders.

We went back to the Rabbit House Society to get tips about bonding.  They didn’t particularly like the ride there in the carrier, but they tolerated each other in confined quarters.  They started off manageable, and the RHS people gave me some tips.  Mostly I have to stop fighting behavior much faster.  I can also try the banana trick.  After an hour and a half, however, they had enough and had their worst fight yet.  I took them home in separate carriers.

I got an email saying that Papers, Please is on sale at Steam, so I started watching a Let’s Play.  It’s pretty amazing that someone could turn being a customs officer into a engaging game.

14 Oct: First time teaching Algebra 2.  Wow, I am not used to such a torrent of activity.  I’ll just have to learn to process faster.  My students are super excited though.

Came home, fed the bunnies, ate dinner, then tried another bonding session.  I tried to banana trick, though I put it on before getting them into starting position.  They didn’t leave much real estate for petting them.  I also kinda ground the banana into Bunbury’s head, and I may need to give him a good cleaning later.  I don’t think they liked having their head messy, and it took them a long time and a lot of calming to get them into position.  Then Bunbury ate a bit of banana off Penny’s face.  You know, that was good progress for today, really.

No song stood out for today.


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