25-26 August

25 August: Spent most of the day helping Ted and Pamela put a finishing coat on their living room windows.  Lots of hand wringing over what finish to buy and taping everything not wood and climbing on ladders.  To cap the night, we played Princes of Florence.  It was a learning game for all of us.  I played a builder strategy, Ted spammed professions, Pamela did a bit of both.  Ted eked out a one point win, and I bet we all learned something to do better if we played again.

26 August: I took 9.5 hours to drive home, including a stop at a Trader Joe’s for snacks, then later for some gas and a Starbuck’s frappachino.  The latter two were in Buttonwillow, CA, which has at least two gas stations where they have a sign saying $3.79 but the pump reads $3.979.  Sneaky.  I was driving 65 mph and following trucks most of the way back, so I averaged 44+ mpg, bringing my average for the trip to 42.1 mpg.  Is driving 10 mph faster worth the 10% drop in mpg?  Dunno.  I amused myself by practicing ballroom posture, though there isn’t room extend side-to-side.

It took Bunbury some minutes to remember what I smell like.  Silly bunny.


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