24 August

Drove up to the Bay Area today.  Google Maps said it would only take 7.5 hours.  It took about a third of that time to clear LA traffic.  I didn’t really mind since I have more than enough HPMoR Podcast to make the roundtrip.  I’m pretty sure the only way to make the Google Maps ETA is to drive above the speed limit, and I collected enough empirical evidence to conclude that driving 75mph is a waste of gas.  Also, someone really wants to tomatoes in San Francisco as I passed half a dozen double trailers piled high with them.

Met up with Franklin and Arendse and Danny in SF.  Grabbed some Indian food and played Cartagena a couple times.  Interesting game.  Would like to collect data to develop a heuristic for good play.  Then it was back on the road to Ted and Pamela’s.


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