Firefly game update

A follow-up to my post involving the Firefly game: the Kickstarter has been cancelled.  Some fans are heaping abuse on Toy Vault, and I think some is justified.  There’s some doubt as to why the KS was cancelled.  Some think it’s because KS was being used as a pre-order system since the game is at the printers already, and the KS targets were so low because they were nominally trying to fund expansion cards, but really they were trying to create buzz.  Others think the license owner didn’t like some of the material used in the game and pulled it.

This and the “playtest” fiasco cause me to believe the company was just trying to generate buzz.  Why put out rules and ignore feedback?  Because you never intended to solicit feedback, you just wanted a hook to get people talking about the game.  Dirty pool.

Anyway, I didn’t like what I saw in the rules, so I don’t really care if this game is published or not.  But I do get some perverse pleasure from watching the PR trainwreck on BGG.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking about how I would design my own Firefly game.


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