I’ve collected a number of articles about China recently.  They are anti-China, as most articles on China are.

Chinese Hacking Team Caught Taking Over Decoy Water Plant

I have a feeling that the next big war will involve powers using each other’s infrastructures to hold civilians hostage.  Can you imagine what would happen to modern super-dense cities if the water failed or to the economy if power was disabled?

MI6 and MI5 ‘refuse to use Lenovo computers’ over claims Chinese company makes them vulnerable to hacking

I don’t blame them.

Why China’s banning new singing shows

The US government is afraid of terrorists killing Americans and Edward Snowden embarrassing them for what the government does to fight terrorists.  The Chinese are afraid of popular singing reality TV shows because the idea that people can vote and have a say in what happens around them is a dangerous idea.

I am a little worried at how readily I accept bad news about China, but even if I have confirmation bias, that doesn’t mean these are false.  It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.


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