In which James talks about games

Firefly: Out to the Black now has a KickStarter.  The game is already at the printers, so the KickStarter is just to gauge interest and get funding for printing promos and expansions.

I’m annoyed how Toy Vault, Inc. handled this game.  They started well, posting playtest rules and playtest cards for the community to try the game.  The combination of Firefly and materials shot the game up to first place on The Hotness, where it stayed for days.  Except any criticism BGG users brought against the game were brushed aside, and it became clear that they weren’t really interested “playtesting.”  Many people commented that the central mechanic was seen in Battlestar Galactica (the company claims it was not based on BSG) except done better there, the decisions seemed pretty trivial, many of the actions were similar, the game felt repetitive, etc.  I read the rules then didn’t bother assembling the game.  Toy Vault, Inc. ignored these comments, thanked the positive comments (textbook confirmation bias), and did nothing to the game.  Whatever.  They probably have a printer schedule, a summer convention schedule, and pressure from the licensee to get the game out.  I don’t have high hopes for the game, so I’m not even going to link to the KickStarter.

Anyway, yesterday I bought Rymdkapsel.  It’s a weird mix of SimCity, tower-defense, and Tetris.  I bought it for $4 without trying it first for the following reasons: 1) it’s gotten great IGF press; 2) reviews have been positive; 3) it looks awesome; 4) they released on Android before the iOS version.  Have to support the home team.  I played it last night and got creamed by level 20.

Oh, hey, another Humble Weekly Sale.  If Vicky asks, I’ve gotten most of the games in my Steam library from Humble Bundle.


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