27-31 July

27 July: I spent most of the day playing Race Into Space and writing this Let’s Play.  Writing up games takes more time than actually playing them.  In the background, I’ve been listening to Let’s Play Phoenix Wright: Justice for All because, frankly, it’s more time-effective (like cost-effective, but with time, which is a more limited resource) than playing it myself.

28 July: David’s in town for a workshop, so we grabbed dinner.  After flipping through places closed on Sunday evening, we settled on Humphrey’s La Jolla Grill, which is apparently related to this swanky place.  Cheese plate was nice, the butternut squash risotto was delectably buttery.  David’s doing well.  He’s in full grad student mode, but this workshop gives him time to visit his brother and gf (who’s got something gig in California for the summer?).

29 July: Learned that brilliant.org is hosting a programming/game theory contest called the Hunger Games (you probably need a login to read that).  Seems interesting.  If I have time, I’ll try to code an entry.

30 July: Lisa’s going away dinner was tonight (Lisa is the company’s graphic artist).  I had an orange & cream (kinda like a creamsicle) Italian soda.  In the almost a year since I joined the company, we’ve said goodbye to two people and brought in three people (well, it’s not clear precisely when Kyle started).  A fourth will start in two days.  I feel like I’ve definitely lost my The New Guy status when people consult me about how part of the school works or I find myself trying to make the new person feel welcome (that is a strange position for me).

31 July: Bunbury spent the night hiding under the table on top of the chair.  So, of course, he’s hungry in the morning because he didn’t eat dinner last night.  (I know this because I woke up in the middle of the night and had trouble getting back to sleep.)  Instead of going into his pen to eat, he signals to me to feed him.  Oh, bunny…

My phone has updated to Jelly Bean 4.3.  Google Now knows every site I visited for the past few months and can ask if I want to consider “researching” some more, even if many of them because someone sent me an off-color link.  Kinda creepy.

I brought some cilantro back from the Taco Shop and made guacamole with it.  Maybe a bit less onion next time.  However, the lime and cilantro really do give it a nice kick.  But can’t make a whole meal out of guac, and I had a lot of onions, so I made Japanese curry too.


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