26-27 July

Thursday 26 July: Shadowrun has been released for PC.  Added to my wishlist.

I don’t ordinarily eat beef, but I saw a tri-tip for half off at the grocery the other day, so I splurged a bit.  I decided to use this recipe.  I’m out of lemon juice and onions (I know, I know…), subbed canola for soybean oil, and made garlic salt from garlic powder and salt.  Let that marinade overnight.

For dinner, I grilled the rest of the pork loin.  It didn’t have good browning, so I cooked it a bit longer at medium-high.  Better coloration, but now overcooked.  Eh, I don’t want undercooked pork anyway.

Friday 27 July: Grilled the tri-tip for lunch.  Underdone.

Most of the office spent lunch and 0.5-1 hour around that time solving a puzzle.  Have I mentioned how awesome my job is?

I’ve been playing a lot of Pocket Planes recently.  It is extremely mindless, and I don’t know why I’m playing it.  Yet I have played enough to have a dozen 4-capacity aircraft flying from Paris to Tokyo.


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