More Crusader Kings 2

I’ve been playing a lot of CK2.  If you spend all that time to climb the learning curve, you want to enjoy the benefits, right?  I’ve stopped and started a number of games because I keep learning things I shouldn’t have done.  Rather than give an after action report of each game, I’ll just discuss what I learned:

  • Characters with the Lustful status can’t keep it in their pants.  Anytime someone approaches him, he can’t refuse.  Courtiers, daughters-in-law, he can’t refuse.  And since he’s got a fertility bonus from Lustful… let’s just say you hope your son doesn’t figure it out.
  • If your Stewardship is too low, you can’t control a lot of counties, and that means granting more counties to people whose gratitude doesn’t last.  Make sure you have enough manpower to put down rebellions.
  • If your Diplomacy is too low, your Chancellor can’t forge claims and so the game takes forever to get up to speed if you start with just one county.
  • Using ambitions is a good way to get events stats up.
  • Remember that time tuberculosis / typhoid fever / smallpox came through the island and you had no idea who would be alive to be heir?  Yeah, that sucked.  Can’t really do much about acts of RNG though.
  • Read the fine print on claims.  For instance, be careful that you’re only carving out one county and not putting your young daughter on the throne of half of Wales, and she can’t vassalize to your because you’re both Duke/Duchess rank, and her counts rebel at being governed by a 9-year old, and you have conquer both of them for her.  Go clean your room!
  • Arranging marriages is tricky business.  You want your rulers to have spouses with high key stats.  You also want high stats in general because good genes means better kids.  On the other hand, it’s good to marry into some claims as well.  And you want to balance that with culture because it’s really tempting to use high stats courtiers as guardians, but before you know it the petty King of Tara and half the family is speaking Norwegian, half Irish, half Portuguese, and half Frankish with -20 Foreigner modifiers everywhere.  Eugenics is hard.

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