CK2, Day 1: Dublin

First thing I did was switch to Elective succession.  That pissed off my family to no end, but it pleased my vassals.  The wife wants to be made spymaster, but with that negative modifier, I’d rather she not have access to the castle dungeon, thank you very much.  I married my eldest son, Domnall, to a wife with pretty high stewardship, hoping it will rub off on him or their kids.

I got lucky and fabricated a claim on the county of Kildare pretty early.  The plan is, once my dad kicks the bucket and I inherit Leinster, I’ll take Kildare and create the Duchy of Meath.  Bing, bang, boom, my wife is a duchess.  Maybe that will make her happy.  However, the old man takes his time.  Meanwhile, I send my chancellor to fabricate a claim on Ossory so I can do the same for the Duchy of Leinster.

Meanwhile, as they years tick by, I notice a well fit bird in my court.  We’re talking huge diplomacy and martial stats.  Turns out she’s a lowborn girl but we hired her to be the kids’ tutor.  Well, I marry her to my youngest son, Donnchad, in case plan A goes wrong.  They already have a boy and girl while Domnall only has a girl.  Also, for lack of anything better to do with my money, we upgrade the walls of Dublin’s castle to level 2 in preparation for expanding the castle town.

Finally the old man passes on.  Rearrange the council here, shore up opinion there, tell the marshall to increase the levies.  Meanwhile, me dad’s new wife (septuagenarian marrying a twenty-year-old and popping out two kids, that dirty codger) takes a shine to me.  It’s the crown, I tells ya.  I save the game right before I send the messenger to Kildare.


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