24 May 2013

24 May: I think the summer assisting schedule is as good as it’s going to get right now.  I spent the rest of the day writing and rewriting solutions.

Watched 2×02 of Downton.  I… can’t actually remember what happened.  Oh, all the little threads wound out a little more, some characters got more backstory or character development, but the episode feels like it was made to setup stuff down the line.  You know, it’s okay to let things happen while setting up the season 2 story arc.

I did not back the A Study in Emerald Kickstarter.  As interesting as it sounds, 50 pounds for a boardgame without reviews is a bit too much for me.  With my luck, it’ll be a good game and I’ll have to pay shipping from UK to buy it now.

I took the night off and played some Civ5, trying to get the Suleiman achievement, but to no avail.  Turns out I need to disable Gods & Kings.


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