I met up with someone from OkCupid today.  We talked for a couple hours, and I feel wiped now.  Can’t even concentrate enough to edit lesson plans.  This doesn’t bode well if I try dating again.  Blargh.


9 April: At Home

9 April: I barely finished the lesson plan in time.  Barely.  Technically, some bits weren’t finalized by go time, but since it was too long already, those bits didn’t need to be, and class went pretty well.

That out of the way, I had some breathing room to enjoy the night.  Bake a pizza (tasted okay, but a little wet).  Steam an artichoke (needed more lemon).  Raspberries and ice cream with chocolate topping (nom).  Bake some muffins (unexpectedly salty, so it looks like I’ll have to eat them all rather than share with others).  Played with Bunbury.

Things I didn’t get to: taxes.  I’ve had worse nights.