11-14 Jan

11 Jan: Bunbury has figured out that he can bite the bars of his pen and move them around.  I hope this doesn’t mess up his teeth.  I’m still trying to figure out whether it means he’s cold or whether he’s hungry.  I’m going to guess he’s hungry, because that’s what all his other behavior means.

12 Jan: First visit to the vet.  Bunnies do not like getting their ears examined, but I needed to make sure his headshakes were binkies rather than an ear infection.  He really didn’t like getting his teeth examined, and I noticed more biting of his cage behavior later that day.  He spent much of the day hiding on his favorite chair beneath the table, and after the visit to the vet and the car ride, I just let him be and gave him extra veggies.

13 Jan: Bunbury often gets himself on top of the table then wanders around looking for a way down.  I’m afraid he just doesn’t learn.  What I’ve started doing is kneeling in doggy position next to the table, and he likes me enough that he’ll gladly hop on my back.  Then I lower myself to the ground so he can hop off.  My role in life is, in addition to being the one who brings food and cleans out the litter box, to be a rabbit elevator.

14 Jan: Bunny is getting better at gripping and tossing with his teeth.  This includes tipping over his pellet bowl so now he doesn’t know where to find them.  First he was picky about eating hay, now pellets aren’t enough for him.  I should have named him Angel.


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