6-8 Jan: Bunburyist

6 Jan: I hit the San Diego House Rabbit Society for supplies.  An puppy pen to spend the day in, litter box, litter, hay, pellets, bowls for pellets and water, wooden toys to play and nibble on.  Then I got to interact with two more rabbits at the shelter.  They were more confident than the ones I saw last week, but still a bit standoff-ish.  Then a couple more stops: Walmart for a rug, and Home Depot for cord protectors.

I spent the night setting up the pen in the room next to the kitchen, but there wasn’t enough space for a high-traffic area, so I moved some furniture (both tables and a couple shelves) so the bunny can have the run of the living room.  Bunny-friendly homes take a bit of work.

 7 Jan: I got some veggies for the bunny and groceries for myself, then it was off to the shelter for a 3rd time.  Another staff member suggested a different bunny.  He was so cute and friendly, I adopted him.

The shelter called him Costello, but I call him Bunbury.  Or Bun-Bun or just bunny because I’m too lazy for three syllables.  The car ride home kind of freaked him out, so I left him in his pen with some veggies so he can get used to it and scent mark the pen as his own.

In the evening, I let him explore the living room.  He liked my pile of cardboard boxes, so I rearranged them into a little castle for him, with landings to hop onto and hidey-holes to disappear into.  But his favorite spot is trying to get upstairs, no matter how much I clap (bunnies don’t like loud noises) or push him away.  This may be because, when I bring him veggies, they come from the kitchen.

The easiest way to make a rabbit your friend is to feed it veggies.  Bunbury really likes kale and bok choy.  Celery, not as much.  He loves sniffing my hands now, looking for a treat.

8 Jan: I had to teach tonight, so I got home late.  When I arrived, Bunbury was so excited, running around and trying to climb the cage to sniff me.  He seemed really eager, so I gave him another load of veggies.  Perhaps too much veggies, as he barely touched his hay afterward and had some weird looking poop.  (As a word of warning, you’re probably going to hear a lot more about bunny poop from here on out.)

But he seems happy.  He likes his cardboard castle, and is hopping onto places I didn’t expect (like the living room chairs and cardboard boxes that are supposed to keep him out of upstairs…).  He sometimes shakes his head, which are either partial binkies meaning he’s enjoying life or his way of telling me something’s wrong with his ears.  I’ve already scheduled a routine vet exam for this weekend.


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