22-25 Dec: Portland

Since my brother is busy over Christmas, I visited a friend over my 4-day weekend.  On Saturday we saw Portland from the sky tram, got Lebanese food, wandered around Pioneer Square and a downtown mall, saw the 24-hour Church of Elvis (yeah…), got sushi, and watched My Man Geoffrey.

Sunday we hit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, got some Hawaiian BBQ, and wandered in search for a couple urban parks.  I was kicking ass at mini golf until the travesty of the last hole stole the match from me.  We played boardgames while eating snacks for dinner.

Monday was Christmas Eve and clearer, so we went to the Waffle Window, walked the Japanese Gardens, grabbed some Chipotle, saw Life of Pi, hit another mall as they were closing up, couldn’t find an open restaurant, and so ate freezer food for dinner while watching Midnight and playing boardgames.

Since I had to be at work today, my flight was at the criminally early 6:15am on Christmas.  By the time I got back, I could just manage to veg out playing Civ 5.  Later, I made a turkey dinner while watching Meet Me in St. Louis and White Christmas.

Because of grad school, I’ve spent Christmases alone, watching Christmas movies about not being alone.  It’s a bit of a downer.  Even though I technically spent this Christmas by myself, this year wasn’t nearly as melancholy.  It’s good to have friends.