Life imitates art: averted

(Life imitates art: averted)

Let me tell you a story, for it begins just like a story.

Three years ago, some ballroom people and I drove down to LA for Camp Hollywood, a swing dance camp.  Among other things, I met and danced with a pair of shy red-headed twins.  Now, I have a thing for shy girls and redheads.  (I also have a thing for women who wear glasses and have advanced degrees in a math/science field.)  However, when I asked one where she was from (people had come from all over, so you never know…), she said she was from SoCal (oh).  And since I was to drive north eight hours the next day, I decided to save myself the eventual disappointment and not pursue things any further.

Well, about a year ago, I had one of my periodic moods to be more active on OkCupid, when I found a pair of red-headed twins who liked dancing.  I messaged both, one wrote back.  She said she remembered dancing and talking to me.

See?  This sounds like the charming story someone tells about how their grandparents met.

Anyway, we message each other.  We IM each other.  We share personal things.  We talk about relationships.  We decide to meet.  And that’s probably where life diverged from art.  I went down to SoCal, and it wasn’t a bad trip, but I still wasn’t sure about yet another long-distance relationship.  See, I was scheduled to graduate within six months, and who knows where I’d end up afterwards.  She just transferred to a new school and definitely would be there for 2-4 years.  Things didn’t click enough for me to, say, restrict my first job to whatever I could find in her immediate area so we could give it a shot.

We talked some more.  Cracks were beginning to form.  Then she visited me, and during that trip I decided it wouldn’t work out in the long term.  Yes, despite the red hair; I’m not that superficial.  We’re now trying to stay IM buddies.

Since I’m trying to prevent this blog from becoming some weepy, angsty Livejournal, the thing is this: earlier this year, I decided it wasn’t worth it to pursue a relationship until after I graduated.  It’s very likely I’d move after graduation, so what would be the point?  Save myself the worry and concentrate on graduating.  But then this… story happened, and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t give it a chance.  So I did, and I don’t regret it.

The End


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