We Can Rule You Wholesale

(I have a bad habit of using in jokes in titles, which means a year later I can’t find the post I’m looking for.  Anyway, the title is the name of the Ankh-Morpork national anthem.)

I’ve been eagerly Martin Wallace’s Ankh-Morpork ever since it’s been announced because I’m a huge Discworld and boardgaming fan, even going so far as ready my mind and my wallet to buy the Deluxe edition when it comes out.  As for the other Discworld game in the works, Guards! Guards!, not so much.

Anyway, details of all 3 versions of the game are finally out:

  • Basic ($40 from ThoughtHammer/most online retailers)
    • Smaller board (22.5″ x 17″)
    •  132 cards
    • 79 wooden pieces
    • 12 trouble markers (plastic?)
    • Cardboard money
    • 4 player aids
    • One 12-sided die
    • Rules
  • Collector’s edition ($75 including international shipping, only direct from TreeFrog)
    • Same as Basic except…
    • Larger board
    • A specially cast 12-sided die that replaces 8 with 7a
    • A poster with game artwork (since most of the artwork went into the cards, I’m guessing it would look like this)
  • Deluxe edition (price estimate of $160 + $15 shipping, also only direct from TreeFrog)
    • Same as Deluxe except…
    • Replace the wooden pieces with resin cast pieces.  A picture of the sculpts can be seen here.  Most likely, the minions and buildings will come in player colors while the trolls and demons will different.  The pieces won’t be painted, but they will be given an ink wash to give them a weathered look like Isle of Lewis chess pieces.

The bottom line is the bottom line: I can’t really justify paying that much for resin pieces (players will be handling the minions a lot, and they look like generic thugs).  Nor can I justify paying double for a larger board and different die.  So I guess what I’m saying is that, despite my Discworld fanaticism, I’m going Basic.


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