Primetime Adventures: Community

I like TV shows with an ensemble cast: Arrested Development, Firefly, and Community.  I like the variety of characters and their motivations and the group dynamics that result from them mixing.  So here is an idea for a Community fic.   I may not go the full Primetime Adventures route, but it’s now always in the back of my mind when I start writing.

  • Premise: Duncan (in an uncharacteristic moment of  teaching authority) says their next assignment (field trip?) will be done in groups of 4 (or 3? or 5?).  This exposes faults in the study group as they try to pick and choose who they want to work with and who they don’t.
  • Setting: Greendale Community College, the school with standards so low, they accept everyone, faults and all.
  • Tone: It’s Community.  It’s supposed to be funny.

My sketch of the characters is this:

  • Jeff: wants to be with Annie.  However, later it is revealed he primarily wants to work with her because she does the work and gets good grades.  That cheeses her off because she was hoping it was for other reasons.
  • Annie: wants to be with Jeff.  UST…
  • Shirley: wants to be with Annie and Britta because she’s tired of being the woman left out.
  • Pierce: wants to be with Jeff, because he’d like to be Jeff’s father figure.  Wants to be with Annie because she’s his favorite.
  • Troy: wants to be with Abed.  Duh doy.
  • Abed: wants to be with Troy.  Duh doy.
  • Britta: wants to be with Jeff.  UST…  No, that’s not right, because it’s been resolved.  Jeff is still Britta’s main foil in the group.

The majority of the conflict in the early scenes will stem from people who want to work with Jeff and/or Annie.  Troy & Abed will spinoff to avoid most of the trouble.  One issue is that everyone would rather be in a group of 3, but no one wants to be the loner in a 3/3/1 split.  So it becomes (1) Jeff/Annie+1; (2) 2 people who feel rejected (and may resent each other for not being each other’s pick); (3) Troy & Abed.

There’s also the issue of pulling other students in the class to complete the group of 3.  Chang will definitely be one.  Other possibilities include: Star-Burns, (Fat) Neil, Vicky.


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