Where’s the beef?

I’ve been making a tour of southside eateries in pursuit of a greater variety of cheap food.  Here’s the run down:


  • Gordo Taqueria: The cheapest burrito southside, I believe.  I particularly like the carne verde.  Add your own sour cream.
  • La Burrita: Slightly pricier, but it does come with chips and salsa bar (with limes!).  Super burrito will add sour cream and guac, but I can add my own sour cream.
  • Chipotle: Now that they’ve discontinued the student drink, they are slightly more expensive than the alternatives.  They are also the whiter burrito.


  • Cafe Intermezzo: Absolutely huge salads.  We’re talking like 2 meals worth of salads.  Make sure to get the croutons to the side or they will go soggy.
  • Cafe Durant: …
  • Mediterranean Cafe: …

East Asian

  • Le Petit Cheval: If you come before 3pm and buy from the lunch counter, it is pretty cheap: $6.75 for 3 entrees.  Add your own rice, and you got 2-3 meals.  Relative to  Chinese Express, much less greasy.
  • China Express: 3 entrees plus rice/chow mein for $6.50.  Again, add your own rice, and it’s 2-3 meals.
  • Steve’s BBQ: Buy a BBQ, use the meat for 2 meals.  Pricier than the above though.
  • Thai Basil: The UCBS hangout spot.  Good food, okay price.
  • Viet Nam Village Restaurant: As a friend said, it’s the cheapest place in the asian ghetto, but there’s a reason why.
  • Bear’s Ramen House: Kimchi fried rice with spam for $7.50.  Since I’m not a big fan of kimchi or spam, this probably wasn’t a good idea.
  • Cho Vegi House: A Thai/fusion/vegetarian restaurant.  Most dishes cost $8.  Thai iced tea cost $2.50.  Didn’t really like the vegetarian pad thai.  Might try one of their fusion specials, if I can afford it.
  • Saigon Eats: …


  • House of Curries: After a bad experience with vindaloo, I’m sticking to tikka masala.  Pricey (tikka masala plus naan will $10+), but a good treat now and then.
  • Indian Flavors Express: …


  • Maoz Vegetarian: $5.40 gets you a pita with 4 falafel and all the veggie toppings you want.  Toppings are more European than Mediterranean, and a larger selection than Fa-La-La.  Falafel isn’t as good and pita isn’t as fluffy as Fa-La-La, but it is considerably cheaper.
  • Fa-La-La: Falafel pita for $6.50.  Crispy falafel, nice soft pita.  Also has an open veggie bar.  Is it worth the extra dollar over Maoz?  Depends on your mood.
  • D’Yar: Chicken schwarma plate for $7.60.  That does get you a lot of food.  Felt it was a bit overseasoned and the chicken dry, though.
  • Sunrise Deli: May be because of summer hours, but they never seem open when I go by.


  • Pepe’s Pizza: $7-9 gets you an all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza, salad, pasta, drinks, and ice cream.  Go during rush hour, when the pizza turnover rate is highest, because the pies aren’t at their best when they’re not fresh.
  • Blondie’s Pizza: $3.75 for one large, oily slice. Better than Pepe’s, but not worth the cost.  They rotate their daily specials (with a fixed calendar, not because they have lots of a fresh ingredient to go through).
  • Fat Slice: …


  • Cheese ‘N Stuff: $4 sandwiches.  Leave off the mustard.
  • I.B.’s Hoagies: $6.50 for a 9″ sandwich.  If you want a nice philly-style grilled sandwich oozing with melted cheese.
  • Subway:  $5 foot long is one of the cheapest meals around. Started having a monthly featured foot long.


  • Crepes A-Go-Go: King Lias (nutella, almonds, coconut bananas, whipped cream) for $6.  Just learn to make your own.
  • Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiano: In misc only because it’s the only Italian southside.  Frankly, I can make pasta at home.  Therefore, I get calzones, which are a wait, but they are big.
  • San Francisco Soup Company: $6.50 for 16 oz. of New England clam chowder plus sourdough.  Good soup, but I recommend going around the corner to Walgreen’s and buying a can for about half the price.
  • Smart Alec’s: A healthy burger and fries shop?  I guess so.  A combo meal is quite filling, if starting to push the wallet.
  • Top Dog: The best thing is to buy a 5 lb. bag of your favorite dog and split it with some people.  Otherwise, a bit pricey, and eating 5 lb. by yourself is a bit much

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