Updated Best Practices

Another year, another attempt to update my Best Practices document to reflect my current thoughts on teaching.  Now illustrated with comics!  As always, feedback welcome.  The goal of the Best Practices is to lay out a job so that someone new to it can get up to speed quickly.

I’ve found that, over the years, teaching has made me cynical (Okay, okay, has encouraged my pre-existing cynicism), but my actual teaching has mellowed out: I’m very aware of many of the problems that occur, but I don’t kick myself for not being the math-counterpart of Robin Williams in Dead Poet Society.  I do what I can, but after some point it’s up to the students to improve themselves, and I’m not going to kill myself if they don’t listen.


Dominion Problem #1

You know how the newspapers have chess and bridge columns which are basically puzzles?  There should be something like that for Dominion.  This was the deck tonight:

  • 2: Cellar
  • 3: Chancellor, Workshop
  • 4: Militia, Spy, Thief
  • 5: Council Room, Festival, Laboratory, Market


  1. What would you do with a 4/3 or 5/2 split?
  2. What would your ideal build be?
  3. How would you react to opponents?