(Edit: Looks like only one response.  Anyway, this was kicked off by a series of tweets by Kate Beaton.  It eventually spawned this comic response.)

I’m interested in what people think about the following.  Please answer in the comments?

Scenario: An artist receives a comment along the lines of “marry me,” “let’s go out,” “let’s do the horizontal tango.”

  1. If you were the artist, what portion of the comment do you attribute to the art and what portion to being the right gender for the commentator’s sexual orientation?
  2. Does it matter what the gender of the artist or commentator is?
  3. Have you ever experienced a creative work so impressive that you thought such a comment?
  4. Would you make such a comment jokingly or seriously?  In person or online?
  5. Would your answer to 2 or 3 change if the artist was someone not of your sexual orientation?
  6. Are you male or female?

Most likely, the majority of people reading this are ballroom folks, and there might be a slight bias since Latin especially tries to be sexy for the audience.  I’m more asking about art the artist isn’t physically part of.


One thought on “Survey

  1. I remember hearing about this in an article I read yesterday. Insofar as I place all comments in the context of those who say them, I’m able to not take much offense at most of what I hear.

    1. I assume the art unless otherwise made clear.

    2. No. Besides, people use the concepts of love and marriage so loosely these days that sometimes I assume that the speaker does not know of what s/he speaks.

    3. I think so?

    4. I don’t think I’d ever make that comment. I take matters of love/marriage seriously.

    5. Nope.

    6. Male. You know this :p

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