RAF: German AI

In progress: I’m tinkering with an alternate German AI for RAF, playtesting and tweaking as a I go.  The current version can be found here.

Summary: There are 3 major weaknesses to the printed German AI.

  1. Raid targeting: raids hit nearly at random (exception being follow-up raids) and do not exploit holes in British defenses created by earlier raids.
  2. Raid timing: related, even if the Germans hit an area multiple times in the same day, they may let too much time to pass between raids, in which case squadrons can turnaround and intercept anew.
  3. Raid composition: too many bombers, not enough Me 109s, makes it possible for the British to overwhelm even large major raids, which is quite lucrative to the tune of +10 VPs or more.

Change log:

  1. Reimplemented [no AW] event to the Time Advance mechanism.
  2. Even with raid targeting hitting a region multiple times per time step, instances occur where, say, LF2S raids at 6/11 and 1/11 will be intercepted by different patrols.  So reimplemented the Follow-up Raid event.
  3. The first raid of the day is 1000 or later too often.  Implemented Time Advance exception for start of the day.
  4. Raid composition is still too easy to overwhelm.  Bombers past the 1st now translate to fighters.
  5. Early day radar targeting mechanism appears to bias the deck (too many of one region’s targets are drawn).  Made the rule optional.
  6. Too many raids were being generated, especially per time step.  Reduced maximum Time Advance modifier from Me 109s available from +3 to +2.
  7. With the Advanced Warning mechanism where you had to match the previous time step’s AW, the [no AW] event isn’t very effective.  Removed the matching criterion when [no AW] is in effect.
  8. Not enough major raids use Me 109s close escort, so adjusted hunt / close escort probabilities to be 50 / 50%.


  1. Need to detail what happens in all situations when there are no Me 109s in one or more Luftflottes.  What happens during Advanced Warning in a new time step?  What happens to a Target Card when the Luftflotte runs out in the middle of the time step?
  2. [No AW] event a bit too common.
  3. Still too many raids being generated?
  4. Germans now running out of Me 109s quite often, but this also makes it easy for the British to know when to intercept.

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